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We provide interior solutions for commercial and office environments, R&D and lab facilites, retail, educational, healthcare, Industrial and civil construction.

Due diligence and pre-lease services


We assist our prospective clients with all investigations being part of the typical due diligence to decide on project location. We offer advice on relevant local codes and regulations, provide site survey to understand the technical and special limitations of prospective locations, and liaise with landlords and relevant government organizations. Additionally we can provide advice on time schedule review and test-fits for the space.


Design and Engineering


We provide design services starting with the strategic planning of your space, over conceptual design, with detailed plans, elevations and 3D visualizations. The chosen design will be further developed into a full set of drawings for government submission, bill of quantities, detailed material samples and specifications. In a final stage we will provide detailed shopdrawings and engineering for necessary structural works, HVAC and fire services works.


Project and construction management


K&H will provide a single point of contact to client and external consultants during the entire project. The project manager will coordinate with all contributing parties of the project, including direct nominated vendor by building management or client, governments, etc… He or she will take ownership of the schedule, organize a logical sequence of works and make sure that all parties deliver in a timely and quality manner.

Construction and Fit-out


All Construction will be conducted by our own construction laborers, with joinery works conducted in our own workshop. Our skilled labor force will provide work of the highest quality, delivered in an environment that meets the highest safety standards. Additionally we have increased control over timing, cost control and flexibility during the execution of the project.




Sustainability is a key component of all our projects, and part of our company’s CSR responsibilities. It translates into very high company standards with regards to material selection (all low VOC), garbage selection, disposal and recycling, and proper ventilation throughout construction. We cooperate with specialist vendors for the engineering and incorporation of state of the art air purification systems into our projects, providing a healthier environment to our clients. K&H can also assist you with acquiring a LEED accreditation for your project. We have qualified and certified LEED AP designers in our team.




K&H will provide as built drawings, maintenance trainings and maintenance manuals upon handover of the project. A dedicated maintenance team will pro-actively check for necessary works during the warranty period, and we are able to provide additional maintenance monitoring services after warrenty.

Typically we provide a guarantee of a maximum 4 hours response time for emergencies after receiving your call.